Supporting the Church through Amazon, as everyone is likely aware, is a very large marketplace on the internet where almost anything can be purchased or sold. Many of us shop Amazon already, and not just for books or music, but all kinds of items!

Here is how you can set up a little financial support for your Church via Amazon's "Smile" program, where a small portion of everything sold will go to the Church! You are NOT paying more or anything extra, rather, Amazon takes it out of their profits and sends it to the organization selected; something like 0.5% of the sale.


Open your web browser (Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc) and in the address bar, type in and press enter.

Step 1 screenshot

This will take you to Amazon's Smile set up page, and ask you to log in if you have not already logged in and saved your information. Many browsers will keep "cookies" so that you may not have to log in. If you do not see the login screen (like the one below), then simply move on to step 3 (the next step).


Log in to your Amazon account. Enter your e-mail or phone number (however you normally log in) and enter your password, then press enter or click the "Sign in..." button. If you do NOT have an account, you will need to create one; this How To tutorial does not cover that.

Step 2 screenshot

After signing in to your existing account, you will be taken to the setup page for Amazon's Smile program.


Find your Church by using the search bar and entering Orthodox Church Annunciation Santa Maria. This will narrow down the search significantly!

Step 3 screenshot


Click the yellow "SELECT" button next to your Church once the search results are in:

Step 4 screenshot


If everything was done correctly, you should see a Thank You confirmation page like this:

Step 5 screenshot

You can now either drag that "AmazonSmile" icon to your bookmarks or favorites bar, or just remember to always type in "" to log in to your amazon account and use the smile fund raising feature!

Thank you, and God bless!