Message from Fr. Lawrence
August 15, 2020

Well, my beloved flock. We secured the tent as planned and are in a little better position to cope with the restrictions surrounding the corona virus. Please keep the following things in mind. Hope to see you under the bigtop this week. I will be assembling a crew of men to come and help set up and breakdown. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes, but I ask that you arrive at 9:15. Thank you.

Please keep the following things in mind:

  1. The archbishop’s directive still requires us to wear masks and to safe distance. Serving outside does not permit us to ignore the highly contagious character of this virus.
  2. While the Archbishop allows for mingling after the Liturgy, he has not yet permitted coffee hours or the exchange of items among multiple families. He also asks that we practice the mentioned protocols for safety.
  3. We will not have candle lighting as of yet.
  4. The courtyard is slightly inclined in a north/south slope and the concrete is stamped and therefore a little rougher. While not yet concerned about wet surfaces, those with walkers or canes should be mindful of this and exercise care.
  5. The courtyard is now covered. This should provide relief from direct exposure to the sun.
  6. We encourage anyone who feels they belong to the category “high risk” to feel no shame about not yet coming to the Divine Liturgy.
  7. Closely related to item 6, I will still be giving Holy Communion to those who come at the end of the Service and have prepared through Livestream or by reading the Typika service. This respects the fact that some may not be able to endure an outdoor Liturgy or may just feel less vulnerable in coming to just Holy Communion at the end of the Service.

Fr. Lawrence Russell, Rector